Making things is always an important step to my practice. I am trying hard to incorporate a sense of play and investigation into my pieces. This was the first test of a prototype 'plug and play' style work. Intentionally working with an aesthetic that is reminiscent of mechanical parts/processes, the initial feeling of the items... Continue Reading →


Devil’s Food Cake AKA the Best Chocolate Cake in the World

Someone once made me this cake, and it was a glorious day. Possibly the best chocolate cake I have ever experienced. It needed sharing.

Lucy's Friendly Foods

Sensationalist title, but it IS that good. This isn’t my recipe, although i have jiggled around the icing to my taste, but since it is probably the best chocolate cake you are ever likely to eat, I thought it was probably worth posting. The recipe originates from Green’s restaurant in San Francisco – surely one of the best vegetarian restaurants in the world, certainly that I have been to – and has become my go-to celebration cake. Since it was D’s birthday last week (just before Hallowe’en, hence the spooky embellishments!) it provided the perfect opportunity to wheel out this trusty favourite.

In short, this cake is rich, dark, decadent and deeply chocolatey. But it remains moist and delicate, and this chocolate icing makes is pretty special – resulting in the perfect chocolate cake. Even D, who is no fan of cake (can you believe it?), says it’s probably the…

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