(a not quite) Flashback

So (for one reason or another) it seems I have had a bit (lot) of a break. But I received a fabulous email a couple of days ago from a man called Joe. The first two weeks of my June were spent at the Kunstort Eleven Artspace in Borstingen, Germany. ¬†Whilst I was there I... Continue Reading →


The Floor

A look at texture, shadow and contrast at my feet in south Germany. I spent half a day looking straight down and I don't regret it.  

Artist in residence

Interactions at the Kunstort Eleven Artspace   The environment at Eleven is one that fosters interaction and exploration. Freedom is paramount; ideas and practice can be shared without fear of judgement. Even though geographically isolated, the sense of openness and community seems integral and ingrained. The distance from technology: the lack of screens; the separation... Continue Reading →

A sort of journal situation

3/6/17 This post is mostly just a ramble about nothing. It wasn't quite 10am. Things just begin to wake up here. The space and people here at Eleven conjure up some sort of passion to create. But also an appreciation for things we may not have notice or seen properly before. Yesterday we had a... Continue Reading →

A day on the trains

  1/6/17 An early start meant I wasn't quite awake enough to panic about anything I had forgotten. Which luckily wasn't a lot - I forgot to set my chromebook to work offline, and for at least the first two weeks of my travels I am fairly isolated. Fortunately I like a technical challenge. (and... Continue Reading →

Travel essentials

So, with a mix of trepidation and excitement I am in the final stages of planning for my June trip across Europe. Ironically, this is supposed to be a 'spur of the moment' sort of affair. One of these days I will embark on a real life spur of the moment adventure. (And may subsequently... Continue Reading →

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