Tentative is a funny feeling. It's an unsettled underlying reaction to an experimental act or situation. It lacks certainty. It lacks definite framework, and opens up the chance of failure, or just an unknown outcome. However to be tentative is not a bad thing. It also shows consideration of risk, and the value of the... Continue Reading →


The Floor

A look at texture, shadow and contrast at my feet in south Germany. I spent half a day looking straight down and I don't regret it.  

A revised artists statement

Forever a work in progress. You could probably call it a reflection; rather than a statement. An attempt at grounding my reflections and understanding the direction in which my thoughts are taking me. The process of making is still important, but now there is less focus on using the items I find by chance. This... Continue Reading →

A day on the trains

  1/6/17 An early start meant I wasn't quite awake enough to panic about anything I had forgotten. Which luckily wasn't a lot - I forgot to set my chromebook to work offline, and for at least the first two weeks of my travels I am fairly isolated. Fortunately I like a technical challenge. (and... Continue Reading →

Travel essentials

So, with a mix of trepidation and excitement I am in the final stages of planning for my June trip across Europe. Ironically, this is supposed to be a 'spur of the moment' sort of affair. One of these days I will embark on a real life spur of the moment adventure. (And may subsequently... Continue Reading →


The one thing that comes to mind when I think of that word is success. Creation Accomplish A transitory moment where your effort and practice outweighs the task, trial or event at hand. The focus being on the temporary nature of the opportunities created by your effort. With time, and decreased dedication to the task, the... Continue Reading →

Indecision (and a bit of self analysis)

I decided to revisit this as a sort of self evaluation. One day after.  When faced with an arbitrary decision, or even worse; an important one why is settling on one side, on a solid answer, sometimes one of the most difficult things? Could it be that these arbitrary decisions are our privilege; if I had... Continue Reading →

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