Otherwise known as my constant state of being. I have always been wary of writing a personal, but then this one word prompt came up and I quite literally live by this word - knackered. (also recently I have begun to appreciate the worth of these the stream of consciousness rambles - who knows, maybe... Continue Reading →



I have always been interested in the blur between subjects. The point at which one thing is both neither yet has characteristics that can be attributed to either party. I guess the direction I take this word is a selfish one, as in its a subject that has been sparked and will hopefully be indulged... Continue Reading →

Impostor syndrome – Sunday ramblings

  Although not an official term, this idea is one I believe many of us end up living through. Anyone can experience this. However, usually attributed to high achievers this handy term describes that self-doubt which consists of an overbearing feeling that you have no idea what you are doing, and all of this ‘success’... Continue Reading →

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