Tentative is a funny feeling. It's an unsettled underlying reaction to an experimental act or situation. It lacks certainty. It lacks definite framework, and opens up the chance of failure, or just an unknown outcome. However to be tentative is not a bad thing. It also shows consideration of risk, and the value of the... Continue Reading →



The one thing that comes to mind when I think of that word is success. Creation Accomplish A transitory moment where your effort and practice outweighs the task, trial or event at hand. The focus being on the temporary nature of the opportunities created by your effort. With time, and decreased dedication to the task, the... Continue Reading →

Models of memory and place – chapter 3

  Some more past ramblings...  Gender roles Doreen Massey has written in depth into the subject of gender roles, and the effect of which on space and place. Firstly I must define space and place, space is considered significant in only its physical dimensions, heavily influenced by time and lacking social interactions.  Space is repeatable,... Continue Reading →

It’s OK to hesitate

'But it's not ok to be a bystander. Earlier this week I saw a man struggle with his shopping trolley. It had a dodgy wheel. He also walked with a stick. It was busy; as supermarkets often are, and I saw a vast array of people walk by him and not even pay him any concern.... Continue Reading →

Being selfish – chapter 3

The power of one (this is a very self-indulgent title, maybe it will change) Forgive the essentially cheesy title. But – the significance of achieving goals, advancing as a sole entity in the modern world and the historical weight of the martyr – seemed a little long-winded and wordy. In hindsight…. Nope, I am sticking... Continue Reading →

Being selfish – chapter 2

It didn't take long. Back to this train of thought; with a different direction. Altruism – the greater good This is completely at the other end of the spectrum. Altruism is when we act to promote someone else’s welfare, even at a risk or cost to ourselves. Altruism exists – apparently there is such a... Continue Reading →

Being selfish

Why humans are selfish (why selfish is the wrong word) and why it’s not necessarily a bad thing. (or not, what do I really know?) A few weeks ago I accidentally got into an argument with a coworker, my belief and understanding of a persons nature to circle towards the selfish landed me in a... Continue Reading →

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