Artist in residence

Interactions at the Kunstort Eleven Artspace   The environment at Eleven is one that fosters interaction and exploration. Freedom is paramount; ideas and practice can be shared without fear of judgement. Even though geographically isolated, the sense of openness and community seems integral and ingrained. The distance from technology: the lack of screens; the separation... Continue Reading →

A revised artists statement

Forever a work in progress. You could probably call it a reflection; rather than a statement. An attempt at grounding my reflections and understanding the direction in which my thoughts are taking me. The process of making is still important, but now there is less focus on using the items I find by chance. This... Continue Reading →

A sort of journal situation

3/6/17 This post is mostly just a ramble about nothing. It wasn't quite 10am. Things just begin to wake up here. The space and people here at Eleven conjure up some sort of passion to create. But also an appreciation for things we may not have notice or seen properly before. Yesterday we had a... Continue Reading →

Close up – Experiment

I've been out playing again.  And I also may have bought some new filters.               There are so many interesting things to see if you just look close enough. Shot on a Canon 700d, 50mm lens, UV filter, 10x close up filter.

Models of Memory and Place – Chapter 4

I seem to have take a bit of a writing break, so I will share this, yet another strange delving into the past.  Credible history and habitability Strategies and tactics Perhaps De Certeau's most influential work, the practice of everyday life examines the way people navigate the everyday. ( De Certeau investigate s the way users... Continue Reading →

Blast from the past - 2011 to be precise. My first year art practice focused on colour. But pure colour, rather than something pasted/soaked/stuck upon something else. I aimed to suspend the colour within something transparent, so you could experience the colour in its purest sense. via Daily Prompt: Vivid

Models of Memory – Chapter 2

More past-musings.... (ironic given  the subject) Marc Augé and the theory of non place This is a look into Marc Augé's theory of non-place, from his book, Non-Places: Introduction to an Anthropology of Supermodernity, and the idea of collective memory. Non-place can be defined as a generic space, they occur all around us, cash machines, petrol... Continue Reading →

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