Louis Le Prince – design

Who knew that the design process was such a mind bending exercise? 12 brains all sat in a room trying to figure out direction and an achievable goal given the time-frame and budget. The story of Louis Le Prince is an intriguing one; a French artist and inventor who arguably shot the first moving image... Continue Reading →



I spent 10 days in Marrakech. A lot of people were confused by this. They kept wondering why I didn't go and travel and explore more of Morocco. Simply put, I really enjoy learning what a place is like, and not just seeing a snapshot. That being said; I think 10 days in this city... Continue Reading →

The last formal, led practical session as part of our praxis module. This time it was the turn of myself, Ekaterina and Jonny. Giving the group tasks and limited, but unusual props, we aimed to observe and witness their answers to our questions. As with all of the other sessions, play took over. There were... Continue Reading →

Perform 28/11/17

Clara, Elle and Chloe led this session. It was very much split in two halves. The first being an exploration of materials, and quiet reflection and playful interaction with costume. And the second being more narrative driven, a story emerged by chance. The music that remained playing in the background was one of the strongest... Continue Reading →


Tentative is a funny feeling. It's an unsettled underlying reaction to an experimental act or situation. It lacks certainty. It lacks definite framework, and opens up the chance of failure, or just an unknown outcome. However to be tentative is not a bad thing. It also shows consideration of risk, and the value of the... Continue Reading →

(a not quite) Flashback

So (for one reason or another) it seems I have had a bit (lot) of a break. But I received a fabulous email a couple of days ago from a man called Joe. The first two weeks of my June were spent at the Kunstort Eleven Artspace in Borstingen, Germany. ¬†Whilst I was there I... Continue Reading →

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