Feet. And people

Last week I went back to Germany. Again. A recurring theme now; I revisited Eleven and contributed to their opening night for the onAIR2 exhibition in Tubingen. I made a conscious choice to not take my camera and hide behind it. So none of these images are my own. I took a Polaroid style Fujifil... Continue Reading →


Women’s Trad Festival 2018

This weekend I was in the peak district, surrounded by amazing women for two whole days. Split into learners and leaders, we were teamed up, and took to the crags to learn how to trad climb. I had never led outdoors, and the idea of trusting my own gear placement and judgement filled me with... Continue Reading →

The Concrete Boat

A Story inspired by a sleepless night. And an accidental sculpture. Written at Kunstort Eleven Artspace, 2018. A performance; the boat departed into the Neckar river, on the 24th June. The Concrete Boat There was once a boy who lived in concrete tower, on an island of concrete, in the middle of the ocean. The... Continue Reading →

Third Space

Third Space is the result from the collaborative work of eleven artists working, learning, playing and creating together in the MA Performance Design programme at the University of Leeds. Third Space is our final piece in which the traditional theatre forms reshape into a contemporary approach, and invites the audience to experience a blend of... Continue Reading →

Equation of Intention – the third iteration

The third and final iteration of the equation. Open source arts in Leeds provided me with a lovely space to experiment. The change of light and scene created a completely new experience. This time play took the centre stage. Much more free than the previous two interactions, this time my participants were so varied. Having... Continue Reading →

Equation of Intention – the third iteration

This is an attempt to understand the more than human, the inter-human, the non-human and the extra-human by means of interaction. Vessels of communication employed to create dialogue where there may be none. These vessels take the form of objects; repurposed, hard, unfinished. The human chord is the missing part, the energy that sparks movement.... Continue Reading →

Equation of Intention – the second iteration

A little behind schedule. 10/4/18 experiment in the Alec Clegg studio, Stage@Leeds. Objects, interactions, facilitating. To reflect, the light was a step too far. The drama and narrative created was not the direction in which I wanted to go. Two more iterations will occur. Each will be a degree different. For now, the images can... Continue Reading →


Making things is always an important step to my practice. I am trying hard to incorporate a sense of play and investigation into my pieces. This was the first test of a prototype 'plug and play' style work. Intentionally working with an aesthetic that is reminiscent of mechanical parts/processes, the initial feeling of the items... Continue Reading →

Louis Le Prince – design

Who knew that the design process was such a mind bending exercise? 12 brains all sat in a room trying to figure out direction and an achievable goal given the time-frame and budget. The story of Louis Le Prince is an intriguing one; a French artist and inventor who arguably shot the first moving image... Continue Reading →

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