Artist in residence

Interactions at the Kunstort Eleven Artspace


The environment at Eleven is one that fosters interaction and exploration. Freedom is paramount; ideas and practice can be shared without fear of judgement.

Even though geographically isolated, the sense of openness and community seems integral and ingrained.

The distance from technology: the lack of screens; the separation from readily available internet connection, creates an environment that pulls out the streams of consciousness that might otherwise be kept under wraps.

The effort required to perform a simple task (such as buying vegetables) (without a car) requires forethought and navigation. This whole scenario makes the worth of each act, of each gesture and each exchange, so much more. This, in turn, means that the level of appreciation and community can thrive.

The ability to share a dialogue with artists from all walks of life, with all forms of interests, creates an ever changing place for discussion. Rather than being a shallow exercise, each person brings an enthusiasm and a new set of perspectives, this in itself creates an ongoing verbal collaboration. Then subsequently, any ideas that happen to be in a state of -not quite- have the space to take form.

From a personal point of view, the residency has not been what I expected. I had (pre)accounted for a level of discomfort; either socially or physically, and come to terms with that as fact. What I have experienced has been so far removed from that preconception. Rather than being secluded, rather than clashes of character, rather than the disdain of poor hygiene; I have found people to be so respectful, so well rounded, and so concerned for the welfare of the people they share the space with.

Creatively; I have been challenged to approach ideas I had previously kept boxed up. Exploring new modes of interactions, creating work in a way with no ‘deadline’ in question, discussing (at length) the quantifying and qualifying of components of piece and practice, and enabling the space to freely consider all answers regardless of the question. (or possibly just accepting that there is no question that requires an answer). In moments of a making lull, the surroundings have facilitated active searching for outlet or resolve. That act (be it reading, walking, stretching, cooking, talking, drawing, writing…. ) creates a focus, enables you to centre, and gets you back to where you needed to be.


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