A sort of journal situation


This post is mostly just a ramble about nothing.

It wasn’t quite 10am. Things just begin to wake up here.

The space and people here at Eleven conjure up some sort of passion to create. But also an appreciation for things we may not have notice or seen properly before.

Yesterday we had a wicked thunderstorm, it passed right through us, the mountains on the opposite side of the hills were completely erased. But this meant that the air cleared and things weren’t muggy and sticky. I had a walk up the track to the forest, and then retreated when I felt the rain starting.

It was curry night, I don’t eat curry so opted for making my go to of roast veggies. Which I ate unsociably early (and later came to be thankful of that).

Before the others ate, Monika Golla ( you can investigate her work here) had prepared a talk about her work. This was great. It spanned from her very early work back in 1996 all the way to last year. From photography and her transition into sound,performance and installation. She became known for her play on the sexualisation of images and objects and played with this. Finding sound was a fluke when she make a video accompanying her Cinderella piece. Hearing someone talk with such enthusiasm for sound was lovely (I would come up with a better word but this one seems to fit). We then all gathered for the meal (curry for them, grapes for me ha) and talked for a couple more hours. Topics ranged from politics to art to celebrity encounters (and more). Then it was definitely time for bed.


Today’s plan can be broken down into :

Find some stuff

Discover the workshop

Explore Rottenburg

Don’t get lost

Eat an apple

All of the above has been achieved.

Getting a lift with Monika, means I get to see her installation and have a prime excuse to see Rottenburg. I forgot today was Saturday so my plan to go to Börstingen is temporarily on hold – Nothing would be open. So today is Rottenburg, tomorrow is making stuff and washing, Monday (or possibly Tuesday – it may be a public holiday…. Yes it is a holiday on Monday so Tuesday it is) will be the prime time for Börstingen. 

Monika had a sound piece in the ‘Touch’ show in Rotenburg. There were 4 speakers hung in nest at four corners if the room, the sounds waved from one to another, overlapping and looping from sound to speech. The show encouraged people to interact with the pieces, and aimed to include everyone in the art, sighted and blind people. The pieces were tactile and interactive, alongside them they had name plates in braille. The other artists focused on texture, movement and contrast mostly in the form of sculpture.  I found out, that even for such a small place, the show had been very successful, with people from neighbouring cities travelling in to see it. The whole art community over here is really exciting.

Again I captured no images, I quite enjoyed just exploring the city (town?).  I can only promise that when I can make my camera and PC talk I will flood the blog with pictures. It’s very strange, but most things seem to close by 3pm on Saturdays in the smaller communities (if they’re open at all) so Rottenburg was eerily quiet. all of the crowds of people were congregated around the ice cream shops. (of which there were two).

We returned after our trip to find a group taking part in a music workshop for a lady’s 80th(?) birthday. Kids and adults were putting on a show with instruments that ranged from a violin to a carrot (that’s right, a reed mouthpiece, half a carrot and a plastic funnel. He even managed to play a tune) for the Birthday girl. It was really nice to see the kids be so involved, and the adults be so enthusiastic (I’ve been passivity involved with numerous birthday parties through work, and its often not the case).

After this I relaxed with two of the other artists – Joe and Elisa; we went for a walk around Börstingen , ate some food, attempted some juggling, talked about all sorts. It would seem people here are very easy to communicate with. The atmosphere is very open and judgement free; it’s a refreshing experience.

Oddly, after only being here for 2 days (it currently being the morning of the 3rd) it’s very familiar. Its comfortable and relaxed but without any feeling of complacency.



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