The one thing that comes to mind when I think of that word is success.



A transitory moment where your effort and practice outweighs the task, trial or event at hand.

The focus being on the temporary nature of the opportunities created by your effort. With time, and decreased dedication to the task, the chance of your success will reduce. Becoming temporary.

“This is the only truth in the world that was necessary yesterday, is necessary today, and will continue to be necessary tomorrow: be conscious of now.” (Kamand Kojouri)

So to maintain that achievement, to escape an inevitable temporary state; consistency and dedication is key. Or More over, a level of complacency must be avoided.

“Being temporary doesn’t make something matter any less, because the point isn’t for how long, the point is that it happened.” (Robyn Schneider)

Ensuring that if an instance begins to become a temporary event, you use that moment and focus on cultivating and using it as a point to grow. Just because you once had a skill, and lost it through lack of practice; does not mean that the skill (and any accompanying effort) has fallen into the realms of being useless. Your understanding developed and has been altered in the process; of both learning and forgetting. Making sure you focus on the positive aspects of both processes will make sure that (even though temporary) the experience has been one that you can use.

“In a world
full of
temporary things

You are
a perpetual

Sanober Khan

Tuesday ramble over.

via Daily Prompt: Temporary


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