Indecision (and a bit of self analysis)

I decided to revisit this as a sort of self evaluation. One day after. 

When faced with an arbitrary decision, or even worse; an important one why is settling on one side, on a solid answer, sometimes one of the most difficult things?

Could it be that these arbitrary decisions are our privilege; if I had more important things to focus on, any indecision would seem unimportant. 

Like right now, I’m trying my absolute hardest to choose a bag. A day pack for my June travels is the item in deliberation. I have spent the best part of a week deciding on this bag, and now I am stuck at the question of colour.

First world problems indeed.

A friend clued me onto the Jack Wolfskin  #gobackpack campaign. In which, you purchase an item, go on your travels, make a video, enter the video, and then reclaim the cost of your product. And I am ALWAYS up for some money saving, creativity inspiring projects, so that’s the back story to this conundrum.


Here were my problems –

  • Freedom of choice – but also a narrow field, as in only one brand
  • A way more expensive product than I would ever typically consider buying
  • Jack Wolfskin is an unknown brand to me, I have no experience or opinions
  • Worried about getting value for money – as a more expensive thing, it will have to be relatively more useful.
  • Womens fit?!
  • Adaptability – I need to be able to carry it on my front (don’t ask)
  • No opinions of others to have as evidence
  • lack of online reviews
  • Nowhere to go have a physical look at them

Here were my none problems

  • I had one brand to choose from
  • I kind of know the size I need
  • I know what I don’t want

As you can see, my list of problems outweigh my list of none problems. So therein lies the reason choosing the model took so long. It didn’t help that I couldn’t collect any personal experiences of the bags or brand, as it seems to be a company based in Germany, and not so prevalent in the UK.

The simple fact that I am weighing up these options, and that I have the chance to even consider alternatives is a fact I cannot ignore – I must realise that to be stuck with this sort of decision means that I have found myself in a lucky position. 

I have gone all around  the houses and landed on the Moab Jam 24. Although annoyingly there is not a womens version of this pack, the size and fit seem to be perfect. Annoyingly the 18litre women version would be too small, and the 22litre hike has the trampoline style ventilation system, making the whole carrying it on your front thing, a bit tricky.


With my one days hindsight – this is such a marginally unimportant factor. I think I need to stop focusing on the things that simply don’t really matter, and appreciating the circumstances I find myself in. 

Because I wrote this post as this deliberation was occurring, a live stream of consciousness has happened. I have no clue why the question of colour was such a tricky one. If someone gave me a bag/coat/sofa/etc etc in any colour I would be happy with their choice. But In my deciding I took quite literally everything into account:

  • Visibility – this works both ways: too visible and any attempt to escape any pursuers (I’m thinking shady government operatives) would be rendered useless; not visible enough, and maybe losing the bag or picking up the wrong one could be an issue (maybe more realistic but still)
  • How the colour would translate onto a video – that was, of course the motivation for this decision.
  • Functionalism – as a biking backpack, which colour would show up dirt the most, but also which colour would enable me to be seen and remain safest when riding at low visibility?
  • Gut reactions. Although a mundane life decision, this is still to be trusted.
  • First choice blues – I had my eye set on the green one – this was out of stock.
  • Opinions; people surrounding me had no strong feelings either way. Or came up with numerous pros and cons for each.

So I landed on the black. I have real concerns about being able to blend into a crowd.

I guess a slight paradox has happened – without this indecision I would not have realised the importance of being in a position where I am able to have this kind of choice. So facing the indecision, but understanding the bigger picture is key. 

(Review of said bag : pending)


2 thoughts on “Indecision (and a bit of self analysis)

Add yours

  1. That is an incredible amount of thought you’ve put into this bag! I hope it’s perfect! Also good call on the black. All my backpacks are black and you can always add souvenirs from your travels to it along the way if you need a splash of colour!


    1. Tell me about it! I was having an exponentially indecisive day. All decisions were hard. I think I walked round the house 7 times just in case I didn’t have everything I needed before I left for work.

      And thankyou! I too hope it is perfect. (or at least more than adequate…) haha

      Liked by 1 person

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