Equation of Intention – an idea revisited (and also one still in progress)

Another blast from the past. (ish) Back to 2013.

This is an idea that filled a lot of my mind and practice for at least two years of my studies.  Simply defined, this is the attempt to visualise the thought process behind an act or thought. The idea works on the fact that the goal must be interpreted as variable; if we have one fixed end point in mind we often are disappointed with what we end up with. In addition the points along the way; the limitations, the number of limitations to occur and the corrections (whether we choose to implement these or not), shape the trajectory of our intention.

If X is the perceived initial favoured course of action, Y can seem to have a negative  effect on the outcome. But the ability to see the entire process would perhaps bring to light the fact that the ‘limitation’ may be the point at which the process takes a turn and evolves into something new. (not to mention, possibly more favourable).

If such instance occurs, we would then be faced with a dilemma: do you expend energy in an attempt the ‘fix’ it and return to the initial course of action; or do you ‘go with the flow’ and see where then new conditions takes you? An unlimited amount of limitations could potentially occur. So, in effect, this ‘tree’ could span far wider, and encompass much more questions of direction than this diagram.

The final consideration is that the correction can exist without a limitation. In that, if you start a project; nothing crops up to hinder your progress; however in the middle of your work you have a change of heart, question of theme/media/process (etc) you can ‘fix’ it and change your trajectory. Essentially; along the course of your intention, you discover a preferred action/process and that initial intention is abandoned and your new line of enquiry begins.


This is a visualisation of my thought process. The diagram itself is limited, as the amount of limitations, and corrections are technically infinite. I realise that to many this will make little sense, but that is irrelevant.




A: start, 0

B: goal, variable

C: individual starting point ( Limitation) A+X+Y

X: intention, +ve number

Y: limitation, -ve number

W: correction, variable, dependant on Z

Z: amount of limitations, number of times Y occurs

X: Initial intended intention

W can exist without Y


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