Br(o)adcast open call for Dreamcatcher

Open calls, Br(o)adcast is a brand new Bradford based participatory audio platform.   Dreamcatcher is an ongoing podcast/ archive collecting dreams from the people across Bradford and Craven, using this time of uncertainty as a chance to connect and record people’s emotional response. Do you live or work in/around Bradford? Have you been having some... Continue Reading →

Do you have questions about community art? — A Restless Art

Many artists who work with people now find themselves with time on their hands as governments escalate measures to slow the spread of COVID-19. Some, like me, are obliged to stay indoors; others have just found their projects suspended or cancelled. The practical and psychological challenges are substantial, as I’ve written elsewhere. But the enforced […]... Continue Reading →

It has been some time.

I have had an unexpected hiatus from all things writing. I spent the rest of the summer travelling and finishing my MA thesis, this just made my desire to sit back down in front of a screen quite non-existent.   But I can recap. With July came a new place, Berlin. It gave me an... Continue Reading →

A poem

I have been thinking backwards a lot this week. This is a poem I wrote in January, 2019, a few days after I was swept by a stormy wave. I was having a hard time, stuck on a sofa whilst on an amazing island. My body still remembers what it felt like, my knee still... Continue Reading →

Venice Biennale – Giardini

Our second day of the Biennale was spent at the Giardini and the pavilions. BY this point art fatigue had set in strong. Regardless of this, there were still some stand out pieces. Sun Yuan e Peng Yu, Can’thelp myself (2016) was one of these. An impressive installation featuring an anthropomorphic industrial robot programmed to execute... Continue Reading →

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