A poem

I have been thinking backwards a lot this week. This is a poem I wrote in January, 2019, a few days after I was swept by a stormy wave. I was having a hard time, stuck on a sofa whilst on an amazing island. My body still remembers what it felt like, my knee still... Continue Reading →


How to Get Back Up and Keep Running: Amanda Palmer on Making Art When Life Unmakes You — WebInvestigator.KK.org – by F. Kaskais

“Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans. And for an artist, art is what happens when you let your bizarre, unbidden, unpredictable life steer you into creating things that you weren’t expecting to make.” BY MARIA POPOVA “What is art, / But life upon the larger scale, the higher / … […]... Continue Reading →

Venice Biennale – Giardini

Our second day of the Biennale was spent at the Giardini and the pavilions. BY this point art fatigue had set in strong. Regardless of this, there were still some stand out pieces. Sun Yuan e Peng Yu, Can’thelp myself (2016) was one of these. An impressive installation featuring an anthropomorphic industrial robot programmed to execute... Continue Reading →

Venice Biennale 2019 – Arsenale

After Prague I flew straight to Venice, for the Biennale and to meet my friend Sophie, of which we hadn't seen each other for 2 years and have spent most of that time in different hemispheres. We decided that as an epic reunion, we should meet in Venice. Because why not? The Biennale (for me)... Continue Reading →

Prague, PQ 2019

So for the last two months I have been on the road, semi homeless exploring new places. It started in June at the Prague Quadrennial, I was there as a volunteer, participant and general human in awe. It was a spectacular event, held in the industrial palace and the DAMU (along with a variety of... Continue Reading →

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